CATU Mountjoy and Dorset St. No Evictions Campaign

On the 27th of March, the Dáil passed emergency legislation temporarily halting all evictions and rent increases for a period of three months. As welcome as this legislation was for vulnerable tenants across the country, it did not come soon enough and, crucially, does not go far enough to protect tenants. Devastatingly, the legislation does not provide any form of rent relief for tenants experiencing financial hardship because of the COVID-19 crisis. Instead, landlords have been asked to show “forbearance,” to tenants.
As a result, many tenants who are unable to afford their rent are now facing a very real threat of eviction when the legislation expires on June 27th, when things go back to “normal.”

Normal is not good enough.

Today, the Mountjoy and Dorset Street Branch of the Community Action Tenants’ Union (CATU) is launching its “No Evictions” campaign.
The campaign aims to defend tenants during and beyond the duration of the emergency legislation.
Here are our demands:

  • That landlords and letting agents publicly pledge to provide rent amnesties to all tenants who are unable to pay rent
  • That landlords and letting agents publicly pledge not to evict any tenants after the emergency legislation ends, whether that occurs on the 27th of June or a later date.
  • That the government extend the emergency legislation beyond the original three-month period, at least until such time as Ireland’s testing and contact tracing infrastructure is sufficient to allow a safe return to work; and
  • That as part of this extension, the legislation is updated to include a rent amnesty.

Over the coming months, members of CATU Mountjoy and Dorset St will: publish information on letting agents who have and have not agreed to these demands; organise online-based and telephone-based actions to put pressure on landlords and politicians; and defend CATU members in any disputes with their landlords.

Legislators are under pressure from landlords to protect their profits; the only way to prevent tenants from being thrown under the bus is to ensure that they feel just as much pressure from our side.
The best way to do that is to act collectively, by joining a union and working together to build power.

If you live in the Mountjoy & Dorset St area, please complete this short survey about rent reductions, landlords and letting agents