“For our demands most moderate are, We only want the earth.”
– James Connolly, 1907

The idea of Community Action Tenants Union – CATU Ireland is simple, a union for people outside of their workplaces. We want to take the basic ideas of membership, collective direct action, and grassroots democracy from where people work to where they live.

We hear every day of the economic issues plaguing people across this island: sky-rocketing rents, stagnant wages, slashed public services, and an erosion of our public spaces. Most of us have lived through this.

We think that the only way to beat those behind this – the landlords, banks, companies and politicians – is to get organised ourselves, and NOT just on an individual basis. We strongly believe that real power lies in the hands of ordinary people – tenants, communities, and workers who supply the livelihood for these profiteers – and change can only come when we act together.

CATU is not just for renters, we want to facilitate all people to defend their communities and housing (as long as they don’t directly profit from the commodification of housing/communities).
CATU is for council tenants
CATU is for mortgage holders
CATU is for those in emergency & precarious living situations
If you’re not a landlord and are able to join & stand alongside your fellow members to defend your communities then CATU is for you

Our vision is of an organisation in cities and towns across this island, uniting tenants in a coordinated struggle on issues we all share.
And we want to win.