AGM 2021 Schedule and Get out to Vote!

AGM 2021 Schedule and Get out to Vote!

🏘️ It’s a very exciting time to be a CATU member! In the last two weeks our local group’s AGM motions were sent out, debated via last week’s hustings and are now ready to be voted on by the entire membership.

👭👬 We are encouraging all members to turn out the vote; remind all your local groups and fellow members. Remember, if you missed the hustings you can find a link to rewatch the events in your email inbox. Your ballot, voter ID and password have also been sent to your inbox via our voting app, Choice Voting (

✒️ If you can’t find the relevant email, links to the hustings, or have any further questions make sure to contact us at

📅 Voting is open now and will close at 3pm Saturday, midway through our AGM! You can register for the AGM here and will be given details on how to access the event:

We are also excited to announce a post-AGM panel on Saturday evening featuring participants from tenants’ unions and movements across the world. This will be streamed publically so no need to register. Watch this space for more details!

The schedule for the day is as follows:

One Year of CATU 12PM – 1PM

  1. Reflections on the year (60 mins)
    • Introduction to the day – what is an AGM?
    • Reports from national and local groups
    • Financial presentation of accounts

Motions & Votes/Lunch 1PM – 3PM

  1. Reading of Motions (30 mins)
  2. Lunch break with online voting left open (90 mins)

Results, Announcements, the Future 3PM – 4PM

  1. Announcements of Passed Motions and new national officers (30 mins)
  2. Reports from new national officers (30 mins)

Post-AGM Panel: International Solidarity and the Housing Movement 6PM-7:30PM

Details and participants to be confirmed.