UPDATE – Monday July 20, 2020 11am
We are pleased to say that the CATU members at Galloping Green have received notice that they can stay until July 31st as requested with no rent arrears #PowerintheUnion

STATEMENT from the CATU members & tenants at Galloping Green who CATU members supported with eviction defence last Wednesday, July 8th.

“CATU Ireland members in Galloping Green would like to sincerely thank everyone, union members and supporters who turned out to defend us last Wednesday, July 8th. We have been facing pressure to leave our home for a month now. We felt stressed and isolated but now feel strong knowing that we have the backing of union members and supporters.

We are requesting that the letting agency leave us in peace and that we have written assurances that they will not try to evict us in the coming month and that we can stay until July 31st. We are prepared to take this fight on further if we do not receive written assurances. Everyone needs a secure home, and we hope that more tenants can come together and protect each other.”

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📷 Header photograph credit to Natalia Campos – https://www.instagram.com/natscampos

📷 www.instagram.com/natscampos
📷 www.instagram.com/natscampos