We are very excited to be officially launching our first CATU local group in Mountjoy & Dorset St this coming Saturday (February 29th) in the Dublin Adult Learning Centre at 12.30pm.

The CATU Mountjoy and Dorset St Launch is the official start of CATU – The Community and Tenants Union of Ireland! It is a day of community democracy, where the community can make decisions together as members to set the direction of the local group/branch for the coming months. You can sign up as a dues paying member here.

Here is a preliminary agenda for the launch event:

1. Sign Up and Welcomes – 12:30-1:00pm

  • If you live in the local area but are not already signed up as a member (paying monthly dues) you can sign up on your way in on Saturday.
  • If you don’t live in the local area you can still sign up as a member on the way in but you won’t be able to vote until your local area has its own group
  • If you are not signed up you will not be able to vote or participate in any collaborative decision making, but you may still attend the meeting and observe.

2. Introduction to the Union – 1:00-1:1:15

3. Issues, Demands & Campaign Vote – 1:15-2:15

4. Break – 2:15 – 2:30

5. Committee Vote – 2:30-3:00pm

  • Electing members of the community to local area committee.

We will be leafleting the local area on Wednesday February 26th (TODAY!!), please come along if you can and help us get the word out about Saturday, we’re meeting at La Pausa, Blessington Street at 5pm.

Or, if you can take some leaflets and distribute leaflets in your own block/road/building please get in touch ASAP, and we can get some leaflets to you. Hope to see you on Saturday!!