Community Action Tenants Union (CATU) was set up in October 2019 to empower us to fight for decent homes and a good quality of life for all in our communities. Covid-19 (coronavirus) is a major threat to our communities, particularly those with underlying health conditions and those living in overcrowded situations. We need to be proactive to slow down the spread of Covid-19 as well as continuing to make sure our members and communities are taken care of.

As a result, over the next month, CATU will.

1) Continue to defend members facing eviction.

Evictions are still being threatened against CATU members living in Rutland Place, and the North Circular Rd. We know that landlords could choose to victimize tenants in the coming weeks. We will apply as much pressure as possible to stop these evictions before they happen, and if necessary, we will stand and defend the homes of our members.

2) Support members and our communities.

Self-isolation and worrying about ourselves, each other, family members & friends can adversely affect our mental health, so we will be calling and messaging members, and those interested in the union, to check in on them. We will also be encouraging setting up local area WhatsApp groups for communities to support each other.

3) Postponing all major public events and training for the month. Postponing small meetings & doorknocking and then reviewing this situation on March 29th.

The union and community power is built by knocking on doors, talking to people and meeting in our community. We are postponing these important parts of our work but are looking into organising online union information sessions, meetings and training to facilitate members, and those interested, to stay connected and continue organising.

In conclusion

Responses to Covid-19 are highlighting the need for communities and tenants to be organised. We need to be able to defend and support each other in the here and now in every community on the Island. Once the dust settles, we could well be facing further recession and cuts and communities need to be able to demand that the burden of the crisis is not pushed on to us ordinary people; that community resources are expanded, and health, housing and services are improved for all.

If you want to self-organise in your community contact us at or join here on the website.