Community Action Tenants Union


For general inquiries, you can contact CATU in the following ways:


Instagram/Twitter: @catuireland


If you’re inquiring about a community or tenancy issue that you are currently facing, please be aware that CATU is a Community and Tenants Union, and we only have the resources to support our members at this point in time. You can join CATU here, we recommend subscribing for the equivalent of an hour’s wage per month if you can afford to. Once you’ve joined the union we can then work together with you and your community and other members to support you with your issue.

If you have a query related to joining or your existing subscription please email

The National Committee of CATU oversees the running of the Union but our local committees are where the action is at. This is because they vote on and run campaigns on community or housing issues of importance in their local area. If you are interested in what CATU is doing please contact the local committees directly.

If you have any further press related or communications/social media enquiries email:


Our Welfare and Disputes team can be contacted at This is for members who for one reason or another aren’t happy with their experience in CATU, be it because of an dispute with another member or due to an issue such as stress or burn out.