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Phibsboro and Cabra Fight Co-Living

In this blog, union members report on how CATU Phibsboro-Glasnevin and CATU Cabra have been exploring novel forms of community organising during lockdown as part of a battle to stop two co-living developments in the area. Reports Of Co-Living’s Death Greatly Exaggerated When the government raised the white flag on …


What is mutual aid?

In this article Edel answers the question: ‘what is mutual aid?’ She explains how people have worked together in many different contexts to meet needs in their communities both in the past, and under the current pandemic. In this she makes a case that our movements and organisations must always …


Is there power in a union? Part 2

Housing, capitalism, and why it’s time to unionise by Aaron Downey (Training and Education Officer) Housing is a commodity under capitalism; the current economic system where most industry (and property) is owned by private individuals, and goods are produced for the market. By commodity I mean something which is produced …


Is there power in a union? Part 1

The political background to housing and community action in Ireland by Aaron Downey (Training and Education Officer) This is adapted from a talk given as part of a series of educational sessions organised by Greater Manchester Housing Action. CATU Ireland was properly launched around a year ago, with our first …