Community Action Tenants Union


Pick your monthly dues subscription by clicking on one of the options below (the euro rates in the green buttons) and sign up to be a CATU member. We ask that you consider paying the equivalent of 1-hours wages per month. Clicking on the button takes you through to the payment page.


If you belong to one of these groups you can become you can choose this option to become a CATU member without paying a monthly fee. Clicking the below button will let you send a mail to the union to request a fee-less membership. Please include details such as your name and what asylum seeker or Direct Provision accommodation you are living in:

** Please enter your correct address at the point of purchase, we collect contact details so that our membership officer(s) can contact you to welcome you to CATU, link you in with members already active in your area, and inform you about union activities.

By joining CATU you agree to abide by the democratically decided bylaws and processes of the union.


To Be Part of a Movement
By joining CATU you are taking an opportunity to join a movement that fights for your friends, family, neighbours, and fellow members. In joining the union you are taking on the responsibility to struggle and care for those around you.

To Build A Democratic Voice
CATU is a grassroots, democratic union. This means the members are the union and we need everyone to win. We believe we can achieve much more by working together rather than individual fights. The more people we have, the more democratic our union can be, and the better our demands and policies can reflect the issues affecting the majority of working class people.

To Win
The forces that are tearing apart our communities and hiking up our rents have a lot of time, money, and power at hand. If we want a chance to push them back then we require resources and the strength of organised tenants and communities.