CATU Tallaght – Exchange Hall Evictions – Statement

CATU Tallaght – Exchange Hall Evictions – Statement

The landlords in Exchange Hall, Tallaght have recently begun to issue eviction notices in a staggered manner to the tenants living there. Tenants include a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, including nurses in Tallaght hospital who work with children and in the ICU unit.

The justification used for the eviction notices is ‘substantive renovation’. Upon investigation of the matter and consultation with the tenants involved, CATU Tallaght calls on all landlords involved to:

  1. Rescind all eviction notices.
  2. Engage with tenants in a consultative manner as to how best carry out repairs.
  3. Tenants remain renting at the same rate.
  4. Any sales of apartments is done with tenants in situ.
  5. All essential repairs and other issues tenants have already raised can be done in consultation with tenants.
  6. If extensive renovations are required, then tenants should be provided temporary arrangements by the management company / landlords like done in the past.

    While CATU cannot comment on the intent of those issuing eviction notices, we would like to point out that recent re-advertisements of apartments that were emptied have had rent increase by almost 100% to 2400, for example: Exchange Hall, The Exchange, Tallaght, Dublin 24 is for rent on

    If you would like to subscribe to the Eviction Defence Petition and give a hand in defending against the up and coming mass evictions in the Tallaght area, then please don’t hesitate to fill this petition out and share it as widely as possible in your community:

    Eviction Defence Petition

    If you would like further information then don’t hesitate in getting in touch via