Community Action Tenants Union

Crumlin & Drimnagh

Crumlin and Drimnagh local committee page, email

We want to hear your stories and experiences of renting in Dublin, particularly if you are living in Crumlin/Drimnagh. Are you afraid of not being able to pay high rents? Scared of being evicted? Have you been harassed by your landlord? Has your landlord not being keeping up with repairs and maintenance?

In one case CATU Crumlin/Drimnagh was contacted by a tenant who had lost their job due to Covid-19. Their landlord had given them a dodgy licence agreement rather than a tenancy, refused to sign their form for Rent Supplement, and refused to accept that they had tenants rights. The tenant and their neighbours joined CATU, emailed the landlord collectively and forced the landlord to back down.

If you have or have had housing issues big or small, past or present, then follow this link to fill out our housing stories form. Together we can fight for better housing for all!