Vultures Out of Coolock

Vultures Out of Coolock

This statement was written by CATU members in Coolock in reference to the recent rezoning and sell-on of the Chivers site in the area. You can read more about that background here. CATU is building a branch in the Coolock-Artane-Darndale area. If you live in any of those areas and you’re interested in getting involved in fighting against housing and community issues join now!

We, the members of Community Action Tenants’ Union Coolock, call on the TDs and councillors in the area to take action against the proposed sale of the Chivers site.

This former factory site was owned by Veni Vidi Vici Limited, which valued it at €2.55 million in 2016. Following pressure on the council to rezone it so the company could build a promised housing development, it was rezoned in 2018 and its value has now increased tenfold.

The original owners have put it on the market for a price of €25 million, making a handsome profit without laying a single brick!

We ask that councillors support the motion revoking the rezoning of the land.

We ask that our local representatives stand with us and the community to stop vulture companies swooping in and profiting from the housing crisis. The planning permission currently is for 550 build-to-rent homes, with 30% social housing leased back to the council. This plan still lines the pockets of developers and landlords, partially with taxpayers’ money!

We demand that DCC also go further and punish Veni Vidi Vici Limited, by issuing a compulsory purchase order or otherwise seize the site, and by using it to carry out the delivery of much needed social and affordable housing and amenities in the area.

We ask that a contract agreement and further regulations are put in place to assure this and to stop the continuation of parasitic developers selling valuable land for a profit in the depths of a housing crisis.